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2020-02-05 What I learned as a developer in 2019 - Part 1

A fairly comprehensive overview of the general lessons I learned as a front-end developer in 2019

2019-01-28 Sneaker Watcher

Get all the news about drops of your favorite kicks

2018-06-19 Senior App

Senior App is an app to help senior citizen more easily stay in touch with loved ones

2018-06-19 RollCal

RollCal is an app that can be used to make big tasks with milestones easy to create, track, and manage

2018-05-31 The Persistent Cache

This is about the time when I spent debugging browser cache

2017-06-06 Chrome Extension

DOMCapture is a chrome extension for easily taking screenshots of DOM nodes

2017-06-04 The Backlog

Sharing my experience learning development while I create something new every day

2017-05-29 This Blog

Setting up the blog that will help me easily put my thoughts online