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DOMCapture - Chrome Extension

To solve a common problem I have online I am creating a Google Chrome Extension called DOMCapture. When activated, the extension will update the page to show all the DOM nodes that can be captured as a screenshot. Here are screenshots of early development version.

6/14 Plugin on Github

Prior to release I would like to get this peer reviewed and do User Acceptance Testing. Ideally, I would like to observe people using the plug-in and address any major issues they are having with the experience.

6/12 Release Candidate

Today I will begin the process of publishing this extension to the Chrome Web Store. Since beginning development, I have learned quite a few things about developing this plugin and Chrome extensions in general.

  1. Finding the right balance of simpicity and usability is challenging and it took many iterations and refactoring to come up with an acceptable solution (UX).
  2. Adding functionality to an existing website without affecting it in any way is a very interesting problem. In particular for this to work, whatever UI I add to the existing website cannot affect the layout of the page in any way (Modularity).
  3. In addition to not affecting the website when the plugin is activated, I also wanted to be sure that there were no artifacts or remnants of the plugin (Deletability).
  4. Chrome Dev: Content_scripts are the actual JavaScript that gets executed on the website in the active tab while Background_scripts have access to the Chrome API and can pass messages to Content_scripts but don’t have direct acceess to them (Sandboxing).

Page without plugin activated

Alt text

Page with plugin activated

Alt text

Clicking on camera screenshots the node

Alt text

It worked!

Alt text

Remove plugin artifacts

Alt text


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