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Senior App

What is this?

Senior is an app for senior citizens (and differently abled people) to easily stay in touch with the people they care about the most.

For the senior it has an easy way to identify and engage with loved ones by video chat, audio chat, or voice enabled text messaging. For the people who have seniors in their life that they want to keep in touch with, there is a companion app that makes it very simple to see whether they are online, upload video, pictures, and engage with them in real time.

Why is this necessary?

Current social media apps are confusing and provide a lot of noise that senior citizens don’t care about. [Are there health benefits to seeing and enagaging regularly with familiar people online?] For people with loved ones who are far away, this may be the only way they can regularly stay in touch. Additionally, triggers can be used to remind people to check-in.

Is there something like this already?

Yes. Oscar Senior

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Senior home

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Senior individual

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Senior companion

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